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RITE OF SUNDERING has been developed for the GMTK JAM 2021 in only 48 hours.

In this action RPG you play as Lilly, the monster hunter apprentice. Her last test, before being grated the title of a full-fledged hunter, is the mysterious Rite of Sundering. During this ancient exam Lilly ventures into the spirit realm to be tested on how she will react when confronted with an unwinnable, critical situation. 

She doesn´t know but no matter how hard she may try - she will eventually lose.

Come and complete your own RITE OF SUNDERING, a 16 bit roguelike arcade experience!

  • Become a demon hunter and hack and slash through an endless wave of monsters and other foes.
  • Collect new skills, items and magic to prolong your inevevidable failure.
  • Compete on the global online high score list for eternal glory in the SLEIPNIR DREAMWARE hunters guild hall of fame.
  • Learn more about Lilly and Sigurd from our upcoming game THE HUNTER OF FALKENBERG.
  • Experience our interpretation of the jam's theme "linked together", in which actions in the real world have linked consequences in the spirit realm (and vice versa!).

Known bugs (will be fixed in the next non-jam version) : 

- Dying crashed the game (your highscore will be transmitted anyway, dont worry)
- Ingame menu (ESC) not working in this version 
- Enemies in tunnels can be attacked
- Sometimes enemies can't be attacked when standing on a tunnel (game needs to be restarted then)
- Sometimes layer errors occur (standing on foreground objects
- Items have no description

Important Information:

Virus warnings when executing the game on Windows operating systems can be ignored, as they are false alerts which may occur due to our customized icon.


Rite_Of_Sundering_V1.1.zip 475 MB

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I suggest you to use the KD's protector to protect his plugin before releasing your game. Otherwise this will result in a plugin compromising issue.

Great Game!  Great Work!  Haven't downloaded it yet but I can tell it's going to be good


Amazing 10000000000000000000000/10

Thank you 🤩